This is what our current and past members think about us, what are you waiting for?

11th MEU has been treating me well since the first day I set my virtual foot there. The missions are well thought out and the team-play is good. As someone mentioned I believe we should have some training missions, but it seems like the administrators are working on it, so no minus for that! Lastly I believe anyone wanting to get in on milsim, for the first timer or as a milsim pro, you should give this unit a try. They accept you into the “family” right away and you can always be certain that you will have a great time!


First Lieutenant

Super fun and funny people to play with. Probably one of the best units I’ve been in and highly recommend this to all players regardless of how new you are to the game.

Little Logurt

The members are fun, nice and we all have extremely fun together. Unfortunately the unit is a little to small right now. Unique and fun missions and we overall have fun while playing. Trainings are something that we need to improve ourselves so we can become better than we currently are and loose those trolls.

Daniel Andersson

Gunnery Sergeant

To players, and developers also those who consider starting to play here. This group has a lot of experience and is treating new players very well. I’ve played on many mil-sim servers over the 5 years I’ve played Arma 3, but i have never been playing on a server like this. Thoughtful missions, and they are happy to take criticism and suggestions. This server is highly recommended!


Former Major